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Puerto Vallarta is one of the top-rated favorite places to visit in Mexico that has been welcoming travelers for many years. It is known for the sparkling water of Banderas Bay that offer activities such as sunset boat tours, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

It is one of the safest cities to be in while in Mexico and one of the friendliest cities in the world. If you’re new to Mexico, you might not know what Puerto Vallarta can offer to spice up your vacation, but rest assured that this is the place you will have fun and refresh and relax your mind.

Below is a list of some of the best things in Puerto Vallarta for you:

  1. Islas Marietas National Park

Islas Marietas National Park has more to offer than most popular parks provide, it is flooded with seabirds, dolphins, thousands of species of fish, whales and other wildlife. Fishing and hunting are not allowed here, making the place have species that are diminishing in different areas due to many activities.

Top 2019 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 3

2. Bahia de Banderas

This is the biggest bay in Mexico. Sailing is the most popular activity in this bay with one of the boats (the Marie Galante) being a replica of the Christopher Columbus Ship the Santa Maria. The ship has air-conditioned dining and a fully stocked bar and can hold up to 240 passengers, Its sparkling and clear water makes it suitable for snorkeling in the coral reefs and tunnels in the Granite Arches Island.

Top 2019 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2

3. Natural Protegida Estero El Salado

This is a fantastic modern inlet that has a lot to offer. It is home to a wide variety of reptiles, fish, birds and other animals. It is the best place for bird watchers as it has more than 100 different bird species. Opossum and raccoons are easy to spot here. Other interesting inhabitants include river crocodiles, Algarrobo and the green iguana. Boat tours are available from Tuesday to Saturday

4. Kite surfing and windsurfing

The high winds and less crowded beaches in June make Bucerias the best place for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Bucerias is there for you if you want to have fun in an area without crowds .

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5. The Ocean Friendly Whale Watching Tours

This is a five-hour environmental friendly whale watching tour. It puts into consideration the safety of tourists as well as the well being of the whales. It is led by a scientist with the help of a bilingual naturalist who is responsible for educating you on the different things you will come across on the tour.

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6. Sierra Madre Mountains

This is a jungle that stretched as far as coastal Santa Cruz CA to Arizona. It is a nice place for adventurers. You can trek in the forest. Rancho El Charro, which is located near the mountains, offers visitors scenic horseback rides in the mountains. Inside the jungle are some abandoned traditional villages. It is a great place for hiking and hill climbing.

7. The Seahorse Monument

It is commonly known as “The boy on the Seahorse” and is one of the main symbols in Puerto Vallarta. It depicts a naked boy riding a horse. It was first made in 1961 and placed in Los Muertos beach, and after it was carried away by water, its replica was created in 1976 and placed on the Malecon. The first was later found and put back to its original location.

Top 2019 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

8. Zip-lines and Jungle Bridges

Ziplines are located in different areas, and they allow you to explore diverse flora and fauna as you fly above the tree canopies and rivers in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This is a recreational activity for those who love learning and exploring the world.

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