Unlimited Vacation Club invites you to try some of the best in Mexican cuisine while visiting this magnificent Country.

While visiting diverse cultures of Mexico, a vacationer cannot afford to miss out on the great choices of the best, Mexican cuisine. There is such an immense variety of foods to choose from that the options are endless.

The Cuisine varies significantly according to the region, and of course the type of restaurant and areas influence.

Most Mexican dishes have been influenced by European cuisine, especially Spanish Castilian cuisine.

While traveling in Mexico, It is suggested you try many of the fantastic dishes this country is known for. Huevos rancheros fried eggs served on a fried tortilla with salsa served on top. Simply delicious.

Always try to start with a hearty breakfast. Some of the courses such as Birria a hearth shredded beef stew of chiles and spices and many other dishes such as Chilaquiles is a must.

Chillequlies by Unlimited Vacation Club


Imagine delicious Mexican peasant food initially that has now become a favorite of both locals and tourists alike. These are fried tortillas soaked in either a red or green salsa. This all depends on the region. For example in Mexico city. They are made with pulled chicken accompanied with refried beans and of course topped with Queso fresco served in a red chile sauce.

This is a terrific way to start your day. Another breakfast favorite is the Mexican pastries. Nothing better than having fresh sweet bread with your coffee or tea. Most restaurants offer a selection of juices all freshly squeezed.

When it comes to lunch it is usually lighter, usually consisting of many other dishes with meats and fish and many different types of soups. One favorite is Tortilla soup and Pozole of course tacos with either Beef, chicken, and the best of all freshly made fish tacos served with all types of salsas and that delicious crema.

Great Dishes to eat while traveling in Mexico by Unlimited Vacation Club (3)

Pozole soup

Your Mexican dinners can be so great with many choices for you to sample. From a Chile Relleno, a stuffed chile with cheese and sometimes seafood is one of the best. Tacos again are served 24/7. Also, a must-try the Mole served with chicken another favorite amongst locals and travelers from all over.

Tacos are a Mexican staple and favorite! There are so many types of tacos from seafood favorites including fish, shrimp, and scallops, either grilled or fried, to beef, chicken, and pork. The combinations and styles are truly endless. It is hard to pick a single favorite and hard to recommend one style as there really are different styles and each state has a twist on a particular style. The best way to find a great taco stand is to ask the locals or look for the locals. Often near taxi stands or a few blocks up from the main tourist spot is the place to be. Tacos are also a 24/7 option in many Mexican towns as they shift from seafood in the day, to beef or pork during the evening often.


Mexican cuisine has been known to be in the top foods of the world people journey from one end to the other to sample some of these great dishes. While visiting Mexico try tasting as many as you can. You will always have some that will make you return for more.

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