A few days before what is often billed as the richest fishing tournament in the world first will be the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament from October 18-21. Then the Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin Tournament is just around the corner beginning October 22, 2018, in Cabo San Lucas.

Bisbee’s Tournaments have been taking place in Los Cabos in Mexico for over 30 years. Currently the Bisbee’s are producing three tournaments in the southern Baja region including Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore in Buenavista which takes place mid-summer, the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament in mid-October and the biggest of them all, the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament which take place towards the end of October every year in Cabo San Lucas.

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The Los Cabos Offshore is more of a social and charitable event that takes place just a few days before the Black & Blue. Over the last decade, it has gained the nick-named the “Little Bisbee’s” by participants and is seen as a much more social event than the much more competitive Black and Blue. Probably because there are not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line each day, the Los Cabos Offshore is more about camaraderie and friends meeting up to swap fishing stories and catch up on each other’s lives before the serious competition begins.

Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament is tough to describe if you’ve never experienced it. It is five days of somewhat organized chaos and full of excitement. The city of Los Cabos serves as a beautiful and lively backdrop for the thousands of visitors who come to walk the marina, hang on the beach, shop, party and also to watch colossal fish being weighed in at the scales in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall right on the marina. Since the Bisbee tournaments are considered by most as the granddaddy of all fishing tourneys, the Bisbee’s Black &Blue Tournament is a once in a lifetime experience whether you are going to fish or merely participate in all the excitement it brings every day.

Bisbee's Fishing Tournaments in Los Cabos October 2018 (5)

Hundreds of anglers travel from all around the world to Cabo San Lucas to participate in this tournament. It is specifically designed to have enough entry categories to cater to anglers of all levels. The average number of participants has been growing each year steadily, so it has remained, the largest payout in sportfishing tournament history. The possibility of catching a fish that can make you an instant millionaire is a lure to many amateur and professional anglers.

Although many may think the base entry fee at $5000 is quite steep, joining all the daily and team jackpots can lead to an “across the board” fee amount of over $70,000. But even though it seems pricey, many anglers, captains and crew from not only all 50 states but also as well as up to 16 other countries are willing to take the challenge to be that boat that hauls in the seven-figure jackpot. Just remember, in 2006, the prize money totaled $4,165,960 – the largest payout in the fishing tournament history. That kind of prize money will keep them coming back year after year.


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