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Candlelight, soft music, and gorgeous views are available at so many restaurants near Cabo San Lucas. Romance takes on another level when coupled with a glass of wine and beautifully plated food. Here are some great places to take your sweetheart for a special and romantic dinner in Cabo, says Unlimited Vacation Club.

El Farallon resembles a seafood shop and is stocked daily by local fisherman with remarkably fresh seafood. If you’re wondering what to get, the catch of the day is handwritten on the blackboard and visible in the market-style fish display. Local experts are also available to answer questions and help with decisions. Reservations are required for El Farallon. Be sure to request an ocean front table or the Champagne Terrace, reminds Unlimited Vacation Club.

Agua Restaurant is one of Cabo’s most famous locations. It overlooks the Sea of Cortez and serves Mexiterranean cuisine, Mediterranean fare influenced by Mexican tastes. The casualness of dining al fresco in the courtyard is an option if the elegant dining room isn’t your taste. Unlimited Vacation Club says that The Moonlight Table inside looks over the sea and San Jose coastline is a great option if you can reserve it early enough. Musical entertainment and the glow of the fireplace add even more romance to the atmosphere.

Cocina del Mar is a restaurant known for using only the freshest possible ingredients while it still offers unusual presentations. The fresh fish and seafood varieties comes from both coasts and is combined with the talents of the international team resulting in some great meals. A three and four course menu is available, including vegan and vegetarian options. A cliff side table is highly recommended if at all possible.

There are several other options for romantic dining if none of these are available or meet your desires. The team at Breathless, one of Unlimited Vacation Club’s resorts in Cabo, is more than happy to help you plan a wonderfully romantic evening.  Also do not miss the Bibliotheca Tequila, Chef Richard Sandoval’s creation on-site at Breathless!

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